earth bible

The Earth Bible Project is a scholarly series, developed by a team of biblical researchers from Adelaide, South Australia. The project is a collaboration of scholars from around the world who use specific eco-justice principles to foreground their reading and analysis of biblical texts. Each must consider, for example, how creation is depicted vis-à-vis human life and activity. Are humans portrayed as earth's rulers or kin?

The Earth Bible Project's principal aims are a) to develop eco-justice principles appropriate to an earth hermeneutic for interpreting the Bible and for promoting justice and healing of earth; b) to publish these interpretations and take part in the ongoing debate on ecology, ecoethics and ecotheology; and c) to create a forum in which to promote healing of the earth.

The methods of the Earth Bible Project emphasize the importance of engaging text and tradition from the perspective of earth. The explicit eco-justice principles employed by Earth Bible scholars were developed in consultation with ecologists and serve to make room for alternate ways of reading the Bible, the purpose to resurrect and/or retrieve traditions that ascribe intrinsic worth to the earth.