The Bible and the Environment by Gordon Wenham was presented as part the First Annual John Ray Initiative (JRI) Lecture series and considers the attitudes of the biblical writers themselves concerning the environment.

The Bible and Environmentalism blog provides links to various scholarly articles and volumes on the relationship between the Bible and ecology.

Ecology According to the New Testament” by Gordon Zerbe argues that the bible is at its very core an ecological book. The author examines closely the concept of God’s reign as expressed in creation and its implications for ethical behavior. 

An excerpted chapter from They Shall Not Hurt or Destroy: Animal Rights and Vegetarianism in the Western Religious Tradition by Vasu Murti. Murti reviews teachings from scripture and rabbinical tradition which together provide sound justification for vegetarianism. They Shall Not Hurt or Destroy has been endorsed by ministers, rabbis, and animal rights organizations PETA and the Fund for Animals.

A collection of articles by Janet Regina Hyland, whose writings argue for the equal treatment of humankind and animals according to principles outlined in scripture. Hyland writes on a broad array of topics from animal sacrifice to wearing fur.