about us

who we are

Bible and Ecology is an offshoot of Web of Creation, a site that has become an indispensable resource for those who want to promote and practice sustainable living in their homes, workplaces and faith communities. Several years ago Web of Creation compiled a list of all the verses in the Hebrew Bible and the Christian scriptures  dealing with the subject of creation. The response was so strong we decided to launch a site dedicated specifically to scripture and sustainability.

why we're doing this

The purpose of
Bible and Ecology is to provide resources for individuals, churches, pastors, scholars and activists wanting to explore the biblical foundations for sustainability, stewardship or "creation care." We want to challenge people to see--and to begin to read--the Bible as an ecological book. Our aim at Bible and Ecology is to point readers to some of the best resources currently available, both print and online, on the Bible and what it has to say about creation,
the deep connectedness of all forms of life and the role of humankind in helping to sustain and heal the earth.

who we are really

David Rhoads is the site administrator and content manager. 
We want to hear from you. So contact us with your questions, concerns and, most important, suggestions for improving the site.

what you can do

If you have material you would like to contribute, we will review it and get back to you. Our hope is that Bible and Ecology will become a place where those interested in the Bible and creation, from faith communities and non-faith communities alike, preachers, teachers, activists and artists can share their unique views and perspectives on the Bible and ecology. We can be reached at: webofcreation@gmail.com.