sermon prep

Blessed Earth features sermon outlines by Ellsworth Kalas. This four-part creation care series charts the concept of care for creation as developed in scripture and is intended to be used in conjunction with the film “Blessed Earth,” produced by Matthew Sleeth.

Lutherans Restoring Creation provides a host of resources for integrating creation care into preaching during Advent. Included are links to weekly online resources, sample sermons and Dennis Ormseth’s commentaries on the readings for Advent.

Preaching Creation throughout the Church Year by Jennifer M. Phillips is a valuable lectionary guide and resource for preachers preparing sermons and anyone wanting a focus to their daily Bible readings.

The theme of creation foregrounds the author’s reflections on the readings for Advent. Robert C. Holland is Professor of Old Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

Assistant Professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary, Kathryn Schifferdecker discusses "Biblical Resources for Preaching about Creation."

“Waters of Life—Enough for All!” is a sermon outline for the celebration of Environment Sunday in Hong Kong presented at the World Council of Churches.